It’s Sunday night! Time to gear up for a new week. As always, the best way to do that is to PUT ON THE ARMOR OF GOD (Ephesians 6:10-18) but we also will focus on ONE area to strengthen our walk with the Lord. Just one focus to help us grow a faith that cannot fade with the demands of life and the pressures of this world. This week we will focus on DELIVERANCE!

I’ll never forget the day I was driving home from work, practicing a sermon I might one day preach, when the most profound words came out of mouth. I know it was the Lord because it was complete revelation to me, not to mention something I’d never be able to word so succinctly on my own.

You can’t be recovered, you must be delivered.

I had that split second where I both questioned the meaning and understood the answer at once.

You can spend years in treatment programs, work the 12-steps, celebrate your recovery….but until you let the Lord God Almighty deliver you from that evil (be it alcoholism, drug addiction, adultery…) you will always be in bondage.

Remember the term “dry drunk”? It’s someone who isn’t drinking but still has all of the issues he had when abusing alcohol. Same attitude, same messes…but when he gets delivered, everything in his life changes.

How about you? Do you need to be delivered from something? (Here’s a heads up: Going to a meeting every night and talking about how you used to do drugs is still giving the drugs a place in your life that should be reserved for Jesus. Go to church instead. Read your Bible. It’s the real Big Book that you need.)

Ask the Lord to move you past recovery and into delivery.

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