What’s Your Scene?

My husband and I went to the College Senior Bowl last week-end. I enjoyed the game but the rest of it was not my scene.

As we passed through throngs of people, the smell of alcohol wafting in the air and the deafening music assaulting my one good ear, I looked at him and asked, “Is it bad that I’d rather be home with the dogs?”

I really had to think about the answer for a moment because I feel it’s important not to waste my life away on my couch, that I get out and really experience life.

But this was not the place for me.

Everyone’s different, though. I mean, there are places that I love that aren’t really my husband’s cup of tea.

For example, our Ladies Group went bowling last week at a giant arcade. I loved it. I tried to get everyone to join in when I started singing “Hey Paulette, take a look over here…”

I mean, who doesn’t love an impromptu number from Grease 2?!

I also love going to the movies. I have no problem going to the movies alone. I laugh, I clap, I cry with strangers as we share a common experience. (I’ll also tell you to turn your phone off if the light is shining anywhere near me, but that’s another story.)

Game nights are one of my favorite things ever. I laugh, I have fun. I get a little crazy. I also get a little embarrassed about how much celebrity trivia I know but I’m too competitive to not answer a question I know the answer to! And I most definitely ALWAYS start singing my answers after a couple of hours!

Want to buy me the perfect gift? You’ll never go wrong with tickets to the Saenger in New Orleans. I spent my 30th birthday seeing Beauty and the Beast with my girls. They took me to Aladdin last year for Mother’s Day. You can put me in the orchestra or in the top row of the balcony, I’ll be happy either way…I absolutely love a good musical on stage.

This weekend, I’m headed to an SEC Gymnastics meet. I bought the tickets two months ago! I can list the names of every all-arounder in the SEC, tell you which girls were Olympic alternates and/or contenders, and who has scored perfect 10’s in the last two years. By the time the Olympic Trials are over this summer, I’ll know everything there is to know about the other three girls. (Simone Biles is a lock!) It’s my thing!

My point is this, God wants us to enjoy life. He wants us to have full, rich abundant lives. We can find things that we enjoy that aren’t contradictory to God’s Word and plant ourselves in the middle of its scenery!

Go out and enjoy life this week!


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