No Man is an Island

There really is truth to the saying that no man is an island.

Our actions (and inactions) both directly and indirectly impact those around us.

You may think that what you’re doing affects no one, but it isn’t true. This goes for positive as well as negative consequences.

A simple smile at a stranger could start off a chain of events that makes the world just a little brighter.

Or the death of someone who thought no one would notice or care could set off consequences that affect several generations to come.

I’ve seen both happen. Our communities are filled with people who affect our lives.

I LOVE being part of a community as much as I love being part of a big, crazy family.

I think I might have instilled that in my youngest daughter as well.

Kaden called last week. After two summers backpacking through Europe, she’s settled in Louisiana and has started a professional career in law.

She wanted to let me know she’d signed up to audition for local theatre productions. I was so happy. Not because she was following my footsteps onto the stage, but because she was putting down roots.

By searching for activities outside of work and home, she’s not only investing in her community but also forging her identity as an adult. (It’s exciting to watch your kids grow into beautiful adults but a little bittersweet when it’s your baby.)

Nevertheless, I’m happy for her.

Unlike my husband who was a military brat, I spent my first three decades in my hometown. Moving was never easy for me and we did it three times. It was absolutely vital for me to establish an identity in my new communities.

That usually involved finding a publication to write for, a place to work, a place to worship, a stage to perform on, a place to grocery shop, a place to do my nails, and a library!

These were MY places and they became my ties to the community.

Seeing my daughter search for those same ties fills me with joy.

Because we are all part of a bigger  picture, all woven into the same tapestry with our own unique design. None of us is an island!


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