It’s a Balance

Like most things in life, a balance is necessary. Work vs. home life. Kid 1 vs. Kid 2. Time for yourself vs. time for others. We are constantly teetering on that beam, showing balance skills they’d only dream of perfecting at the Olympics.

Of course, we don’t do it flawlessly. We take our fair share of deductions as well. But we try.

Mostly because we have no choice.

Life is a tightrope-walking balance act from an early age.

I never cared much for the safety net below.

I’d run, never pacing myself, across that thin wire only to end up bruised and bloodied on the ground below. I’d climb that ladder, albeit a little slower each time, and take off at a trot once again. And fall. And repeat. A real circus act.

Until I finally reached the point where I needed the safety net. And the pole. Then, even, a harness. Sometimes I just stayed on the ladder never setting one foot forward.

But I got bored.

The problem was, I couldn’t do life hard AND comfortable at the same time.

And I wanted both.

At least medium well if we are comparing living to a fried egg. I need the adventure. I need spontaneity.

But I also need routine and the safety in the known.

So I’ve decided to introduce an algebraic equation into my life:

x= out of town trips and visiting grandkids (fyi this is the extent of my living hard…we might have different definitions of what HARD LIVING means)

y=special day trips (i.e. movie outings, beach, etc.), date nights, or special church events

z= peaceful days at home  (writing, cleaning, reading, cooking, chilling with the dogs)

20x + 20y + 60z = 100% BALANCED LIFE


I know it SOUNDS like I’m making a joke but I’m very serious! I’ve thought long and hard about this. Too much z makes me feel like I have one foot in the grave. Too much x will definitely get me there faster. Ys are fine but I need more. Especially more family time. So this is the formula I think I need in order to have a balanced, fulfilled life.

The best part?

Jesus is in the x, y, and z!!


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