COVID-19 is merely the Braxton-Hicks of the End Times

It’s hard not to look around the world today and wonder if we are living in the end times. In fact, ever since Jesus rose from the dead, people have anticipated His return.

There have been signs and prophecies all along.

I distinctly remember people certain He’d return in 1999. And again, on 11-11-11.

But now, more than ever, people are certain His return is merely months, if not days, away.

Surely it can’t get worse, can it?

Sadly, the answer is yes.

What people tend to forget, with the distractions of protests and a pandemic, is that this isn’t a war between Democrats and Republicans. Or black vs. white. Or the President vs. WHO.

This war is between God and Satan and the Winner has already been declared. (It’s God, in case you were wondering.) But Satan is going to take as many people down as he can first. And it’s the innocent ones in the middle with the most to lose.

Many Christians are either fighting it out online or cowering in fear. Satanists and those who blatantly, knowingly reject Christ are gathering party supplies for their imagined big blow-out in hell. (They are in for a rude awakening. An eternal awakening in which it will be too late to repent.)

And then there are those stuck in the middle.

Those who don’t know Christ but want to. Those who’ve turned away. Those with questions. Those whose hurts are so great they need to be set free. Those whose guilt makes them feel unworthy of the Cross.

Those are the ones we should be reaching out to, helping, setting free, sharing the Gospel…

Instead we are taking a stand with our mouths (or keyboards) fighting with people who also sit behind screens, and those in the middle fall into the chasm below. That chasm doesn’t go up, you know?

We see that we are in the end times. Whether this will last months, years, decades, or more remains to be seen. But what is obvious is that we are headed there.

Any woman who has ever gone through labor can tell you of the intense pains that accompany it. But before she reaches that stage, she often goes through what’s known as Braxton-Hicks contractions. They feel like labor pains and often send you rushing to the ER, only to be sent home and told to relax, it’s still not time. Or that they are only mild contractions. Never tell a pregnant woman her contractions are mild!

Which is where we are now. In the Braxton-Hicks of the end times. And it doesn’t feel mild. It feels intense.

But it will get worse, much worse.

That’s why the Lord reminds us that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6:12) This is a spiritual war.

Stop getting offended over cartoons and syrup and flags. Change them, don’t change them….I honestly don’t care. I get the arguments on both sides. But while you’re losing your peace (and joy…and sleep…) over these things that will not matter in the end, I’m focused on:

Jake* whose grief over losing a child has choked the life out of him


Stacy* who relapsed during the quarantine because she didn’t have the support she needed


Linda* who discovered through a Facebook group that people DID care and God HAS heard her prayers


Shawn* who has started thinking maybe there is a God after all


Tim and Caroline* whose baby has to have another surgery, a year sooner than planned


Joey* whose brother died suddenly last week


Shannon* a complete stranger who read my blog and started asking questions…

*all names are changed


I’m not even getting out of my house that much more than I did during quarantine but I asked the Lord to send people who needed ministering to and He has. I keep my eyes open and my heart pure when I do get out so that I may see the needs around me. That’s impossible to do if you are caught up in Facebook wars or family disagreements or even just unrest in your own heart. I know because I lost a lot of time during the quarantine myself. I WANTED to pull out of my funk; I just couldn’t. Or wouldn’t. At first.

But then He threw water on the fleshly fire I had burning inside over trivial matters that didn’t matter. And He rekindled that spiritual fire to serve Him. And there’s just no room left for anything that doesn’t have eternal consequences.

Keep your eyes on Him.

Keep your heart on others.

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