New Author page up and running!!

Taken from new AUTHOR PAGE:

Welcome to a page that was inspired before home computers and blogs even existed. Kimberly Gilroy, 5th grade teacher at St. Francis Cabrini school in Alexandria, LA in 1979, told me to never stop writing, advice I only half-heartedly followed until a few years ago. I’d written articles and screenplays, filled dozens of notebooks with stories and poems, and even had a monthly parenting column for a couple of years in Louisiana Family magazine.

My kids learned THIS the hard way:

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But life often got in the way of pursuing my dream of becoming a published author.

Born in Alexandria, LA to John and Gloria Ritchie, my little sister and I enjoyed an idyllic childhood rooted in church and community. By my teenage years, though, my life had taken a darker turn as I stood at the crossroads of faith and free will. It was a point that would often intersect, even into adulthood, until I reached a point where I completely surrendered my life to the Lord.

Now living in Moss Point, MS with my husband Dale and our two dogs, Anabelle and Isabella, daily blogging first became a way to share life as a pastor’s wife and the trials and tribulations of full-time ministry with friends back home. Then it turned into a desire to help others find a faith that wouldn’t fade when circumstances arose, much as mine did for many years. After six years of full-time blogging, I was once again inspired to dive into the world of publishing.  I dusted off old manuscripts and began writing new stories. Just as I began hearing back from agents and publishers, I read an article by Bruce Grierson in Reader’s Digest. It was called “Here’s Why Living Out Your Dreams from When You Were 10 is the Key to Happiness.”  How’s that for irony, Mrs. Gilroy?!

With four grown children and nine grandchildren, I’m enjoying family time and the simple country life while watching those dreams finally come true.

Check out the rest of the page for books that are available now and those that are coming soon! Also, the free bookmark will be available on this page as well by tomorrow!



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