Sometimes I have to do a little research to find a book, movie, and song to recommend for the month. NOT THIS TIME! All three have impacted my life greatly in the last few weeks.

First, we have the song. Trading My Sorrows is a great little song, popular with children as it has some cool movements to go with it. But for me, the message matters most. No matter what we are going through, our joy WILL come in the morning. Some of our night seasons may be longer than others, but it’s all going to be okay. What better way to stand on the promise than to trade it all for joy right now?

Trading My Sorrows (Yes, Lord)

Next, we have the book. Actually two. (deep sigh) I’ve read over two dozen books this summer, chart-topping contemporary fiction that I couldn’t put down. And then I found myself through with my summer stack so I went to my shelves. I have another 30 or so TO-BE read books that I either couldn’t get into or never even opened. It was there that I found a couple of Karen Kingsbury books I hadn’t read. It’s been awhile since I’ve read her books and the change from contemporary, popular fiction was a little jarring. Scriptures from page 1. The Holy Spirit as much of a character as the protagonists. Complex, flawed, searching characters who were more relatable than anything I’d read in a long time.

Why did I stop reading Christian fiction? And how nice was it to be okay with God reading over my shoulder, not needing to repent for storylines that were “just harmless fun”. I read these two consecutively and when I tried to read a secular book afterwards, I just couldn’t. My spirit had been changed and was craving more of what God had for me, not man. I ordered three more Kingsbury books and decided to stay on this track for a little while. I strongly recommend giving her a read!

It’s Christmas in August for my recommended movie. Okay, it WOULDN’T be (as this is one of my pet peeves) except that lightning destroyed my DVR and I lost this movie along with some other Christmas movie-watching traditions.

Angels Sing is a tear-jerking but ultimately uplifting movie with an incredible cast and great music that shows the power of forgiveness, especially the all-important self-forgiveness. You have four months to find it and add it to YOUR Christmas watching experience!

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