Together we make the perfect pair….

I’ve rediscovered something I’ve always known this week: my husband and I make the perfect pair.

Not just with life in general, though that is true. He is the yin to my yang; the salt to my pepper. He is calm and level-headed while I’m impulsive and passionate. Neither is good, or bad, in itself, but blended together it makes for a peaceful yet still exciting life.

I need him to help me think rationally when I’m ready to throw a stick a dynamite on an already charged situation. He needs me to drag him out of his recliner and twirl me around the den like we are reliving our proms.

That’s what makes great partners and leads to a well-balanced life.

But today I’ve realized those differences apply to our spiritual lives as well. Our trip has been a prime example. After the first three days, he became restless. “I could just sit around at home,” he’d say.

“But not with this view. Or the lack of interruptions,” I’d counter.

Because he loves me, we’re still here. There’s no doubt that he’d have been back home days ago if it weren’t for me. But tomorrow we do have to leave. And I am not ready!

I want to stay another month. I was looking into a return stay by Day 2.

This is a perfect metaphor for our spiritual walk. In fact, just last night he told me there were things he should be doing. He had a calling and he wasn’t fulfilling it by sitting around and doing nothing. We had a life back home and this vacation was entirely too long.

I understood exactly where he was coming from. That was part of the reason for the vacation to begin with- he never takes time to rest. I admire that he ministers 24/7. While my ringer is off 50% of the time, his never gets turned off. He has a burning fire that is all-consuming. Taking time to relax and disconnect from the world isn’t something he enjoys doing.

I, on the other hand, do not want to leave. If this is a mountaintop experience with the Lord, I want to stay here. I know that I must come down off the mountain (literally and figuratively) in order to fulfill the calling on MY life. But I am going to take advantage of every second I have while I’m here. It’s a gift- of restoration and rejuvenation- and we all need those times in our lives.

I’m not saying I’m right and he’s wrong. Quite the opposite, I know that my fire sometimes gets down to smoldering ashes that need a starter log to kick it up again. What starts as resting in the Lord turns into laziness. And selfishness.

So even spiritually, we blend well. You need both.

You might need the time of rest. You might need the fire starter. Or you might just need to learn how to balance both. That’s all life is sometimes. A balancing act.

Make sure you keep your spiritual life balanced. If you don’t, every other area of your life will get out of whack.

As for me, I’m enjoying these last few hours of this mountain. And while I really could stay here indefinitely, there’s a renewed fire to share the gospel once I get home. I know it’s time.

Want your own mountaintop experience? It doesn’t have to be a literal mountain. Any time where you decompress, disconnect from the world, and plug into Christ alone will work. No reservations required, just an open and willing heart.

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