October Media Picks

If you like your gospel with a little twang…

and you know what it’s like to have made such a mess of your life that the only arms left to fall into were His…

You’ll love this song! God of Second Chances by High Road

Listen here:

Speaking of second chances, Allyson Field feels like her life lacks meaning and purpose until one crazy Moms’ Night Out (think Adventures in Babysitting for overworked, stressed-out moms) reminds her of all of the blessings in her life and changes the course of her future.

Moms’ Night Out is a 2014 American faith-based comedy film directed by the Erwin Brothers, and written by Jon Erwin and Andrea Gyertson Nasfell. The film stars Sarah Drew, Sean Astin, Trace Adkins, and Patricia Heaton as the buttoned-up pastor’s wife who has a secretly wild past. (You never know about us pastor’s wives, do you?!)

We watched this as a Ladies Night Out at the church when it came out, never knowing that six years later something as simple as a moms’ night out would be unfathomable. It’s almost as if you’re watching something from decades ago. Check it out, whether you watched it back then or missed it. It’s a little bit of nostalgic fun.

Books, books, books…I have a shelf of new books I’m perusing to find the perfect one for our Ladies Bible Study group. (It’s not just food and movies; we DO feast on the Word as well!)

eenie, meenie, miney, moe…

I will bring a few of my favorites to our next group so we can decide together, but there’s one book that has jumped out at me whether it’s used as our group study or I do an individual one:

So often we don’t even know our spiritual gifts or we don’t know how to them effectively. I often feel like I’m squandering away some of my spiritual gifts now that we are so much more isolated from one another. I know that through power and deep searching, the Lord will reveal ways for me to continue ministering even under these circumstances.

Did Paul stop ministering in prison? Of course not. In fact, he was writing letters that became part of the Bible you and I read today. Joseph used his gifts from a jail cell and was placed over the kingdom.

Never doubt that God can use you, no matter where you are…

Enjoy these picks and more on the Media page….

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