From Last Place to First on My Fave Holiday List

I’ll confess: I wasn’t that big on Thanksgiving as a kid.

There were two main reasons. One, I was pretty spoiled and there were no gifts, making it a boring holiday for me.

Two, I was a very picky eater and Thanksgivings were filled with decadent dishes that made my stomach turn. A small slice of white turkey meat and a spoonful of macaroni and cheese (as long as it was made partially by Kraft) and I was done.

I think I’ve just solved the mystery of how I stayed under 100 lbs for over 20 years and now can’t seem to get the needle to stop climbing. I thought the scale was defective. Now I’m sure I’m just making up for decades of lost Thanksgiving meals.

Who knew that sweet potato casserole had that perfect blend of sweet and savory? You know, when I said that in my head I heard Ryan Gosling’s voice from Crazy, Stupid, Love. You might have a problem when you apply a love line from your favorite rom-com to a food item!

Or green bean casserole! There’s a reason everyone shows up with that dish! “Who brought the green bean casserole?”

The list goes on and on…stuffing, cranberries, yeast rolls, homemade mashed potatoes and gravy, pies…the food is amazing!

As an empty-nester, preparing a Thanksgiving meal fills that maternal need I’ve missed all year. Even if, as is the case this year, I’m serving adults who have nowhere else to go, I’m still taking care of people. I miss that sometimes. Being needed. I pour my heart and soul into Thanksgiving.

I started preparations extra-early this year. I’ve ordered invitations; I’ve bought all of my dry, non-perishables. I’m doing trial runs. In fact, tonight I’m making a homemade cranberry sauce for the first time. If it goes the way my new cookie recipes did yesterday, I’ll have one more thing to cross off the menu. At least we will still have turkey and dressing!

But the main reason Thanksgiving moved from last place to first on my favorite holiday list is that I now truly understand thankfulness. It took me many years but I see God’s hand in my entire world. From the home he allowed us to build to being married to my best friend. For healthy and happy kids and grandkids to still having my parents in my life. I talk to them every day! Talk about gratitude…He not only restored those relationships, He’s helped me nurture them to a place I’d never dreamed possible.

I find delight in the mundane. Where I once thrived in the chaos, He made me a new creature. One who is so at peace with life that I know it is only by His hand.

I absolutely love my life.  I’m so thankful for everyone and everything in it.

And I get an entire holiday to celebrate that!


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