Gear Up: JOY

It’s Sunday night! Time to gear up for a new week. As always, the best way to do that is to PUT ON THE ARMOR OF GOD (Ephesians 6:10-18) but we also will focus on ONE area to strengthen our walk with the Lord. Just one focus to help us grow a faith that cannot fade with the demands of life and the pressures of this world. This week we will focus on JOY!

We all have things that bring us joy in life, whether it’s a pet or a grandchild, a hobby or a friend. Whatever brings YOU joy, cherish it. Thank God each day for everything that brings you joy that day.

Are there many things that bring you joy daily? Excellent. Make sure to thank Him for each and every one.

Are there only a couple of things that bring you joy? Pray and ask the Lord to help heal your heart so that you may let more joy into your life.

Is there nothing that brings you joy? Talk to a loved one or a trusted friend or pastor. The Lord doesn’t want you to live a life devoid of joy. He delights in seeing US delighted!

Remember, sometimes things will happen that will cause temporary sorrow. But JOY always comes in the morning! (Psalm 30:5)

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