My August Picks

Each month I search for one uplifting Christian song, book, and movie. Some are older; some aren’t even released yet. ALL glorify God.

I’ve found that what I put IN makes a difference in what goes OUT of me.

That’s not to say that all secular music and movies are bad. I enjoy them from time to time myself. But I have noticed that the more I listen to godly things, the more I react to situations in godly ways.

This month’s picks are all a little older.

The song is Sanctuary, a very loud, heart-pumping song in my workout playlist. You likely won’t hear it in church!

The movie is Grace Unplugged. It stars AJ Michalka (remember the little sister from Aly & AJ?!) and is a country music/finding fame/worship roots type tale with a compelling, although familiar, plot and great acting.

I went back to an author I’ve already featured twice, that’s how much I believe in the anointing of her writing. Denise Hildreth Jones. In The First Gardener, you’ll find your heartstrings tugged and be so immersed in the story that you won’t realize God is also doing a work in you.

Enjoy these August picks here!

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