I failed her. I won’t make this mistake again.

An old high school classmate died last week from cancer.

She was way way too young.

We weren’t close in school; she was a friend of a friend. But we had a more recent Facebook friendship.

It was one of those superficial friendships in which you are completely sincere but you never go past the surface.

I commented on her hair, her clothes, her jokes. She was gorgeous and she loved letting her friends choose between outfits for an evening out.

She was kind and warm to everyone she spoke to.

I was surprised the day I read the post about her health issues. She didn’t complain; she was always upbeat. I’d had no idea.

But I said nothing.

Then when she posted fun pics and posts again, I was there.

I’m not one to avoid issues, I just missed it. At least the severity of it. And I never, ever asked. I think I might have clicked the sad emoji face, still not registering that my friend was actually in a battle for her life.

I didn’t ask how she was feeling.

I didn’t ask if I could do anything for her.

I didn’t ask if I could pray for her.

And, the worst part of all, I didn’t ask if she knew Jesus.

I can only hope that she did.

And make sure I never ever make this mistake again.

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