Divided We Fall

You know the saying: United we stand, divided we fall. We are the UNITED States of America.

But this 2019, not 1776. It’s not even 1976, when neighbors were neighborly and most political disagreements were civilized, if not amiable.

This the era of “I’ll slit your throat if you don’t agree with me.” And it breaks my heart.

I know that we all have different views on many things. Like most people, I think I’m right. UNLIKE most people, I respect others’ differing opinions. Not only that, I’m open to the fact that I could be wrong.

I sometimes feel like I’m navigating an active minefield when I go on Facebook. I generally avoid posting about politics but I occasionally will “like” a political post I agree with. As for those I disagree with, I uphold the age-old rule from Miss Manners “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Maybe our problem is more about manners than politics.

I saw a post earlier today about the President’s speech last night. It really doesn’t matter which side he was on because the comments were evenly divided. “I agree.” “You’re right.” “You idiot!” “I’m seriously questioning whether I truly know you.”

And these were his “friends”….

You know the saying: With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Our country is only growing weaker with such division; our friendships are being strained; and Satan is steadily gaining ground.

Even some Christians just nod and say “Yep, that’s how it is in the last days….” Accepting defeat without a hint of resistance.

Stop fighting the rest of the world and start fighting the devil. He laughs every time you get mad. He wins every time you attack someone. And make no mistake, he would love nothing more than to see a nation built UNDER GOD rip itself apart and be destroyed.

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