Nowhere to look but UP…

I hate this about myself but sometimes it takes a real end-of-the-rope, down-in-the-hole experience to make me completely depend on the Lord.

It isn’t that I turn from Him. I just forget that He’s the one making it all possible and start to take a little credit myself.

I’m not alone.

Many people wait until their needs (financial, health, relationship..) are so desperate that they cry out for help. You have no choice but to look up because only a miracle will save your marriage or heal that cancer or, in my case, turn DUE NOW notices into PAID receipts.

But He is faithful. AND He’s the God of Miracles.

And when I remember that and turn my eyes to the hills (Psalm 121:1) I am filled with an overwhelming peace and indescribable joy that makes me wonder once again how I could’ve forgotten to keep my eyes there all along.

Nothing has changed in my situation- not yet, anyway- and yet I am completely changed.

I’d venture to even use the word GIDDY. The more I SHOULD worry, the giddier I get.

Because I know this is a test and I know that as I have been faithful to Him, He will remain faithful to me. I’m excitedly and yet patiently awaiting as I’ve seen Him provide time after time. (Even when my faith was much weaker!)

We all have struggles. Some are the same; some are different. They are hard for us all.

But if I could do just one thing, I’d bottle up this faith and share it because I want everyone to know how truly freeing it is to completely trust in the Lord.


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