Here Comes the Storm…(no, not the picture posted here…that’s NOTHING compared to the storm I’M talking about!)

This morning has been crazy. People are out everywhere, getting last-minute preparations before the storm. The bank was wall-to-wall with customers having missed the day before due to the holiday and possibly missing more with an incoming hurricane. Gallon jugs of water and batteries were in scarce supply and shoppers loaded up on non-perishables in case of power outages. Local schools and many businesses made the decision to close ahead of the storm, not leaving its arrival to chance.

Even those who consider storm-proofing a sign of astraphobia panicked slightly as Jim Cantore’s plane landed in our area. Jim only covers the most devastating of the hurricanes for The Weather Channel so his arrival could only mean one thing: trouble.

Yet, there are still those who couldn’t be bothered. “What’ll happen will happen,” they say. “I’ve made it this far in life; there’s no changing now.”

I realized that this is the perfect allegory for Christ’s return.

There are those who were well-prepared before even a hint of the storm. (These people are saved and serving Christ faithfully, ready for His return whenever it shall be.)

There are those who realized time was running out and started to prepare immediately. Some knew of the storm’s arrival earlier than others but they are making equal strides to be ready. (These are backslidden and new Christians, repenting and securing their place in Heaven before it’s too late.)

And there are those who don’t believe the storm will affect them at all, or if it does, they don’t think it will matter. (It does.)

There is LIFE after death and the question is, where will you spend that life?

Most believe that “Heaven is For Real” but they miss that HELL is for real too.

The storm IS coming.

Are you prepared?



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