What to do when you’re at a CROSSROADS in life….


This is a PANTSER post.

I’m normally a PLANNER.

For those not skilled in writerspeak, I’ll explain! There are two types of authors. Those who carefully plan out their books or articles before they begin writing, like me. A planner. How can I know what to write if I don’t know what I’m writing toward? And then there are pantsers, those who write by “the seat of their pants” letting their characters go wherever they want with no structure in mind.

Sounds downright scary to me!

But THIS post? It’s a pantser, because I can only pray that by the end of it, I’ll have answers not only for you, but for myself as well.

I find myself at a crossroads in life.

Not exactly a life-or-death, do-or-die conundrum, but a choice that may affect the trajectory of the rest of my life.

There’s no obvious right choice and neither go against God’s will. But I believe that one option is preferable to the other.

I just don’t know which one that is.

The scales of balance are so evenly weighted in this decision that I’ve changed my mind no less than 137 times per hour for the last few days. I ended up taking a rare midday nap today because it is weighing so heavy on me I’ve made myself sick.

Have you ever been in that place?

I may not know which choice I will make but I do know these three things:

  • The Lord wants us to be wise in decision-making but not to lose our peace. We are not alone in ANY decision as long as we remember to include Him.
  • Many times we cannot hear that still, small voice because our flesh is drowning out the sound. The chaos and confusion comes from us, not Him.
  • A road that seemingly splits into two opposite directions will likely merge again at some point. All roads lead to Rome.

So there…I think I’ve just answered my dilemma. Or at least the part that’s keeping me up at night! Whichever road I take, the Lord will be there. If it’s a misstep, He will get me back to where I need to be.

The only thing that I can do WRONG in this whole situation is to stand here at the crossroads paralyzed.


In your patience possess ye your souls. Luke 21:19

That’s not good news for those with no patience, is it?

Your very soul is affected by the patience, or lack of, in your life.

Let all of the noise fade away and focus on this one thing this week: PATIENCE!

If you frequently encounter long waits, keep a small devotional handy to read. You may be looking for more time each day to read your Bible anyway.

If your patience wears thin at work or at home with your spouse or kids, take a deep breath before reacting. Every time. By the end of the week, you may have developed a new habit you’d like to continue.

Impatient waiting for answers? Make a gratitude list of everything you have NOW.

You can do it! Add a little patience to your week!