What’s YOUR #hashtag?

Imagine you walked around with a #hashtag over your head at all times. What would it read?       #depressed? #tired? #angry?

Or are you someone who brightens a room when you walk in? #joy #childlikewonder

I was once the person people avoided. I was going to have a laundry list of problems and I was going to talk about them in detail to anyone who would listen.

And people stopped listening. I couldn’t blame them; even I didn’t want to hear me.

I basically walked around with #stayaway over my head.

Then I met Jesus. And #joy took over.

But guess what? It wasn’t affixed with some magical Galaxy Glue. It was more like double-sided tape and I’d forget to put my side up sometimes.

So even as a Christian, a born-again believer who’d been set free, I once again wore  #lifestinks as a slap-in-God’s-face testimony.

But that’s okay. Because I didn’t STAY there.

Let’s face it: life isn’t going to be all sunshine and roses. There are going to be times when we cloud our witness. Thankfully we have a merciful and forgiving Father who loves us and just wants to see us return to #blessed and #free.

What are you wearing today?  #scared?   #confused?  #hopeful?

Whatever it is, there’s a verse for it. And that verse points UP. Trust Him. In EVERYTHING.