Have you ever played a game of Jenga?

You remove blocks of wood one at a time until the entire structure crumbles. The last one to remove a block before it falls is the loser.

Our spiritual lives are no different. Every good and perfect gift from the Lord makes up our soul.

Forgiveness, joy, peace, fellowship with other Christians, prayer, Bible study…the list goes on and each “block” makes for a strong foundation.

As we remove pieces from our lives, however, our foundation gets shakier and shakier. Soon we are trying to stand strong without all of the pieces the Lord gave us.

And we begin to crumble.

Here’s the good news! Unlike the classic game, we can add pieces back. What the Lord gives, He gives freely and doesn’t take back. (James 1:5) So even if you discarded pieces long ago, they still belong to you.

Build your foundation back. Stand strong. Now is not the time to be playing with half your blocks!