Oh Dear, the Departed

1 Timothy 4:1

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils….

I’ve heard this verse for years but never has it seemed more relevant than now.

The world is teaching us principles that are contrary to the word of God. Our children are being indoctrinated with the devil’s ideology. Many Christians are finding it easier to go with the flow than to take a stand for Christ.

Beware! You cannot depart from the faith and still remain a joint-heir with Christ. You cannot give heed to seducing spirits and retain the promise of eternal life.

Do not give in now. Do not become part of the great falling away just because it’s easier now.

Rest on the promises of God. Eternity is infinitely longer than our time on earth. Don’t lose your future with the Lord by bailing now.

Don’t depart from the faith….in your words, beliefs, or actions. Stand strong!

A Mother’s Love…times a billion

I love heart-to-heart conversations with my children. The older they get, the fewer and further between they become. They are, after all, young adults finding their own paths in this world.

Still, it’s a treat for a mom when one of her kids wants to just sit and share what’s on their mind. For me, it rarely happens on the phone but often does when we are together in person.

My middle daughter is a prime example.

She won’t reach out by phone but the conversations we have when I visit are deep and meaningful. They often end with her wondering why she didn’t come to me sooner.

Quite simply, I always understand. I made her; she’s a part of me. And my love for her holds no condemnation, no matter what the circumstances.

I wonder why she would even doubt that.


Lately, I’ve been going through some trials. Some annoying (a floor that is in a perpetual state of being refinished), some frustrating (a car that took its last breath), and some scary (a needed surgery I can’t afford).

I’ve done my best to practice everything I’ve preached. Be patient; the floor won’t be like this forever. Be grateful; my husband has a new truck and doesn’t mind driving me anywhere I need to go. Have faith; the Lord can provide the money needed for surgery or heal it to where I don’t even need surgery.

But sometimes I’m just overwhelmed and I retreat into a world of fiction in books and television shows. The more I escape, the less I talk to the Lord. Then I become ashamed and retreat even more.

I found myself in this very place a couple of weeks ago. It had been several days since I’d prayed and I was scared. What will He say to me? Does He hate me? Is he disappointed in me?

I approached Him with great trepidation.

I ended the conversation with great relief.

It hadn’t been a one-sided conversation. I listened to the words He spoke deep within my heart. Words full of love and understanding. Words that made feel loved and understood. Words that soothed my troubled soul.

Why didn’t I do that sooner? What was I so afraid of? When has He ever not understood?

All of a sudden, I thought about my daughter. I’m just like her, I thought. When will I learn?

I understand a mother’s love. I’ve been a mother for over half my life.

It’s time I started realizing that the Father’s love is even greater.


Have you ever played a game of Jenga?

You remove blocks of wood one at a time until the entire structure crumbles. The last one to remove a block before it falls is the loser.

Our spiritual lives are no different. Every good and perfect gift from the Lord makes up our soul.

Forgiveness, joy, peace, fellowship with other Christians, prayer, Bible study…the list goes on and each “block” makes for a strong foundation.

As we remove pieces from our lives, however, our foundation gets shakier and shakier. Soon we are trying to stand strong without all of the pieces the Lord gave us.

And we begin to crumble.

Here’s the good news! Unlike the classic game, we can add pieces back. What the Lord gives, He gives freely and doesn’t take back. (James 1:5) So even if you discarded pieces long ago, they still belong to you.

Build your foundation back. Stand strong. Now is not the time to be playing with half your blocks!