Certain this will be only a temporary page for Kristi…because I believe with everything I have that the Lord will completely heal and restore her.

The title will then change and will feature a woman in need, for as long as she needs it. For what better way to help ourselves than to help someone else.

I was already in awe of Kristine when I found out she was becoming a mom two years ago. We’d graduated together! She was changing diapers and I was collapsing on the couch for DAYS after a visit from the grandkids! I definitely would make a better mother at this age, but I definitely don’t have the stamina I did in my 20’s.

So when I found out she was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of breast cancer, it tugged mightily on my heart. I went out and bought cards to send every few days to encourage her.

I had no idea it would end up saving me.

You see, as she started chemo, our country went into lockdown. At first, I loved the break. It was a true staycation. But as time went on, I found myself with no purpose. I couldn’t blog; I couldn’t work on any of my books. I had NOTHING. I watched mindless tv and stared at the walls.

Except for Kristi’s cards. They gave me direction and a sense of purpose. They got me out of my own head and focused on someone else. After all, her world didn’t stop. She was taking care of a 2-year-old, visiting oncologists, watching her hair fall out. How incredibly selfish was I that I was minorly inconvenienced by not being able to go to a movie or a store?

As my life gained purpose again, even if it was just helping one friend by sending a card every few days, something amazing happened. My head cleared up. My heart opened up. And the Lord’s blessings poured out.

I rekindled some amazing friendships that life got in the way of. I started writing again, the Lord filling me with revelation after revelation. Best of all, I started to laugh again. Those deep, soulful belly laughs that come from deep within.

This page is currently dedicated to Kristi until she is in full remission. But it will remain long after she’s cured. Because I now know that helping someone else who is in true need not only feels good, it’s what Jesus commanded.