November Picks

This month’s MEDIA PICKS are all about Jeremy Camp, who I knew little about before now. And what a shame that was! He is incredible.

I had the opportunity to see an advance screening of his movie I Still Believe, from the same producers who made the story of Bart Millard’s life in I Can Only Imagine. It is every bit as powerful.

The movie trailer…

(Bonus: I’m a HUGE Britt Robertson fan from her short-lived series Life Unexpected.)

based on the 2013 book…



named for the hit song…


about still believing in God after the death of a loved one.

I’ve been there, I know. You can run toward Him or away from Him.

Always choose toward Him.

I’ve always told people that the death of my daughter is the single hardest thing I’ve been through in my entire life. And trust me, I’ve been through A LOT. But there is something so unnatural about the death of a child that it just cuts through your heart.

Tomorrow I will attend the funeral of a dear friend’s grandson. The baby was my Kacey’s age, had barely begun to live when the Lord called him home.

I know all the wrong things not to say but what about the right things TO say? How do you come up with words that will comfort at a time when someone’s world has been torn in two?

My daughter has been gone for over 25 years and there’s still a seismic shift in my life, a chasm in which all events fall before or after her death. It is the emboldened marker in the timeline of my life.

Grief is no respector of persons; it affects us all at some point in our lives. Some find comfort in their faith while others question it. Some even fall from their faith, not understanding a God who would allow such things to happen.

I can’t tell them why this happened. I WON’T tell them the baby is in a better place (yes, it’s true but that statement infuriated me more than any other when well-meaning people tried to comfort me) or that God needed him more than they do (#2 on my list of things you don’t tell a grieving mother).

I will tell them that I understand. And I’m here.

And like Jeremy Camp said, I still believe….

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