The mission of faith unfaded is simple: to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ by sharing my hopes, fears, mistakes, and triumphs. From new revelations in the Word to those little life lessons He teaches me each and every day, each post is designed to share my faith and hopefully help you grow closer to God as well.

Tired of hearing Christians say they “understood” or they’d “been there” without sharing the hows and whys left me with a promise to the Lord. If I EVER get things right, God, I will not hide the warts and skeletons like most people do.

I want people to know that I understand because I’ve been there and I share those experiences for His glory alone. These are not war stories; they are victories in the valley. I have overcome addiction and sexual abuse, along with the poor life choices and consequences that come with that. What once made me bitter now fuels my compassion.

I am far from perfect but I prevail because I prayed for a faith that was firmly rooted and would not fade as the trials and temptations came.


Do YOU hunger for the Lord_